Art of Losing


Truth is hard to digest, I had heard. But there’s quite a sizeable difference between hearing and coming across this reality; just like there’s a difference in sympathising with someone in pain and actually feeling the pain.

There are times when you start believing that a particular thing belongs to you. But the sad reality is that certain things in the world are just not meant for you, and you have to accept this fact sooner or later.

I knew it isn’t easy, but actually experiencing it was a completely different ballgame. It’s just so difficult to let go off something you’ve treasured for too long. It feels like you’re losing a part of you, and this feeling of loss seems to tear you apart.

I figured there are two ways of dealing with this. You could either not be attached to anything, so you do away with the feeling of belonging. If you don’t possess something, you can’t lose it. But, by doing so you risk making your life a dull, colourless and tasteless journey through time. It’s the sense of belonging that adds flavour to life.

The other way is to learn to let go. This is the difficult part. But things don’t quite come so easy in life, do they?

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