Confusion hi confusion hai!!


There are certain phases in life when your mind seems to be utterly confused about pretty much everything. That’s exactly the state of my mind presently. I feel as if a big tornado is whirling inside!

There are so many things that my mind keeps reminding me to cogitate on. It’s playing the irritating assistant these days who keeps troubling his boss for every little thing. The only difference in my case is that the things that it irritates me with aren’t really ‘small’! There are decisions, very important ones, that my heart and brain have yet to reach a consensus about. I feel I am two different people within the same skin; two people who seldom agree with each other.

It’s not that I am trying to run away from making choices. It’s just that I’ve thought so much, and so many times about them and reached no conclusion that it seems worthless cogitating repeatedly when my thoughts invariably veer in the same direction each time. It’s like driving along the same road again and again and yet expecting to reach a different destination each time!

Sometimes I decide to think about something, and while I am doing so, several other issues come to mind simultaneously thus perplexing me in a very strange way. You’d empathize with me if you’ve had the experience of several restive mosquitoes buzzing in your ear at the same time while you tried to sleep!

I know all this sounds crazy, but that’s what it really is! Life IS crazy!

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