Delusional Realities


All of us are good people; at least according to our own opinions. We think we are the true personifications of ‘good’ in the world and our understanding of ‘good’ is the ‘real’ good that this world needs. We all take steps to spread our version of good and yet much bad happens. Doesn’t that signify something?

Two separate yet subtly similar incidents led to this post.

Some NGOs either independently or in partnership with the government; Samaritan as they are; felt they should help the street dogs by getting them jackets to keep them warm in the cold. So one fine day I go out and see that the street dogs are the most stylish of all living beings in the colony, clad in colourful checked jackets. So far, so ‘good’. But recently, it rained in the city. I heard a neighbour saying that they must have shivered through the night as their jackets must have become wet. The Samaritans also didn’t consider that the dogs would start to itch and get irritated when they wear the same jackets for many days. They thought they were doing a noble deed.

And the news that shocked the world yesterday, terrorists opening fire in a school in Peshawar and killing 132 innocent children and 9 teachers; all in the name of religion, or rather what they thought their religion says.

We live in a world of delusions created by our own minds; a delusional reality where our motive is the ultimate motive, our version of good is the ultimate good. It is time to pop the bubble.

6 thoughts on “Delusional Realities

    • Shabnam,
      I believe the greatest gift mankind received was the spirit of inquiry. That prompts us to look for a deeper meaning in our existence. I think that spirit gets killed when someone performs an action only because they see others do it without asking ‘why’. If we keep questioning and refuse to accept things just because they are commonly accepted, I believe the bubble won’t be there in the first place 🙂

  1. Himanshu

    Very well said… But don’t u think we as humans are so stubborn to change and hardy bother to look at our actions ? In the society we do look at people who do wrong things and at times we are the first one to comment. But when we our-self are in the same scenario, we hardly care at not doing that ‘WRONG THING’. So keeping in mind human mentality and tendency, what I feel is- thinking that this bubble can be popped is another delusion !

  2. But then there is always a ray of hope. We cannot just sit down thinking and blaming our stubborn nature. We all have been doing the same, so I guess it’s time to step out of our ‘mental delusions’ and start thinking critically 😉

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