Of Dreams and Firewood


“When do you stop?”, my colleague Rajeev thought out loud suddenly. “What?”, I enquired, not immediately getting what he meant to say. “How do you decide how much is enough for you? When do you stop going after materialistic things and start doing what you really enjoy doing?”

“What do you mean by materialistic things?”, I asked him. He explained – “Take for instance this job. It’s not that I don’t like it, but there are things that I will never be able to do till I am working here. I want to someday own a farmhouse where I can have dogs and cats and other pets”; and then he joked – “and chickens and lambs as well because we’d need food!” 😀

I think there can never be a correct answer for this. It is always subjective. For most people, their passion – that one thing they can sacrifice everything else for – is not something that can get them their daily dal-roti. But with thousands of years of evolution of the human brain, it is almost impossible for us to be satisfied by dal-roti everyday for our entire lives. You need to find your own perfect balance.

Coming back to Rajeev’s question, all I could manage was an analogy. “Your dreams and passions are like the fire that keeps you warm and cozy in the cold. But to keep it burning, you need to step out into the cold to get wood. Your current job is the part where you get the wood.”

Here’s a beautiful song written by Prasoon Joshi from the movie ‘London Dreams’. Do give it a listen.

Jo Tujhe Jagaaye
Neendein Teri Udaaye
Khawab Hai Sachcha Wahi
Neendon Mein Jo Aaye
Jise Tu Bhool Jaye
Khawab Woh Sacha Nahi
Angraron Ko Jagaye
Koyalon Sa Jo Gaaye
Khawab Hai Sacha Wahi
Lehareein Jo Uthaye
Paaniyon Ko Hilaaye
Khawab Hai Sachha Wahi
Khawab Ko Raag De
Neend Ko Aag De….